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主演:迈克尔·布莱恩特 厄休拉·豪威尔斯 帕特·海伍德  


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ssni546中文字幕 下载 Teenaged siblings Girly and Sonny lure young men back to their home to meet the eccentric Mumsy and Nanny. Ther下载e, the men are forced to take part in strange games, the rules of which are never defined - and if they refuse, or transgress the unwritten rules, theyre killed. But they may have met their match in New Friend, their latest victim, who starts to manipulate the foursome, setting one against the other.Bizarre combination of late sixties avant garde and sleaze. Director Freddie Francis had made horrors for both Hammer and Amicus but this is nothing like any of them. Shot on location with an atmosphere mixing playground horror and conservatory theatre that is downrissni546中文字幕 ght weird and unsettlssni546中文字幕 ing. The great lost girl of sixties British horror, Vanessa Howard, shines as she does in those other rarely seen gems Corruption [1967] and What Became of Jack and Jill [1972]. If Harold Pinter had made The Texas Chain Saw Massacre [1974] for the BBC this could have下载 ressni546中文字幕 sulted. Excellent and unique.

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